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Next generation people practices for the innovation age.


We are a human resources company that offers innovative strategies and solutions to help your business thrive in today's technology-driven environment.


RightFoot offers a state-of-the-art professional development and career progression product that leverages networks, data insights, and algorithms to come up with recommendations tailored to your business needs. Using unique data sets, the solution provides organizations with the ability to build their teams for the needs of today and tomorrow.

  • Automation of operational HR practices that generate powerful data insights.

  • Consultative offerings based on diagnostic tools that provide practical solutions.

  • A tiered model that helps businesses build a road map of their HR needs.

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Articles from our thought leaders.


Building an Effective Organizational Culture in the New World of Work

With the ongoing greater access to technology breaking down barriers, consumer behavior becoming highly influenced by on-line reviews and ratings, social media offering a stronger voice and the ongoing challenges of economies, whether in mature markets or in emerging markets, applying this to the global talent market, and its challenges, hold true. Knowledge workers are now part of a global talent workforce, borders have been removed, talent is more inclined to work anywhere and is selectively making choices.

We provide start-ups with the predictability to focus on their idea,
and the tools to turn that idea into
a viable business.

Don't hire just anyone, find the right people with the right talent for your needs .

Don't hire just anyone, find the right people with the right talent for your needs .

We can help you manage the chaos that comes with starting your own business. Let us worry about getting it just right.

We can help you manage the chaos that comes with starting your own business. Let us worry about getting it just right.

By focusing on employer branding and internal organization, we help you build an effective and enjoyable company culture.

By focusing on employer branding and internal organization, we help you build an effective and enjoyable company culture.

Poor planning and an inability to scale for growth are the death rattles for startups and small and medium-sized businesses. Equipping teams with the right skills and capabilities for business success and sustainable growth are an imperative part of any operational strategy.

Here at RightFoot, we take that sort of growth seriously.



Technology Portfolio

In the digital transformation age organizations, specifically HR teams, are challenged to create work environments that inspire creativity, collaboration and ease of access to information. Here at RightFoot, we understand that technology has allowed for an exchange of culture and values while showcasing an organization's purpose, bringing internal work environments closer to external talent.

We offer tools for your team that provide data analytics for forward decision making, productivity metrics that fuel team collaboration, and mobility that enhances communication and connectivity. We are focused on next generation talent attraction, learning and skill building, as well as recognition and reward, some of the key transformational areas today.

Our offering portfolio includes a set of carefully curated technologies developed by MENA-based startups built with open source technology, allowing easy integration into your company’s existing environment and platforms.


ASSESS Talent Management is a psychometric testing software and occupational psychology business solutions company. ASSESS product portfolio includes talent acquisition, talent development and organizational development software and business solutions products. Our product categories include personality, which covers personality traits, competencies, motivators, values and behavioral preferences, ability and knowledge assessments, in addition to organizational assessments and surveys.

Coaching is a real trend in today’s organizations. Professionals at the top of organizations benefit from it, while the majority of the employees do not have a first hand experience with coaching. 60% of the Fortune 500 companies introduce peer coaching initiatives, yet the results of such programs are often hard to measure against the overall performance metrics of the company.

COACHINGPEERS.COM is a software as a service powered by consultants who are ready to advise you on how to implement a peer coaching program, maximise its results, define the metrics relevant to your organisation and business context.


It's getting harder to find the right hires and traditional methods of recruitment no longer work.

HireHunt is a recruitment technology platform that helps employers win the talent war with the power of Artificial Intelligence, automation and interactivity. Using a powerful selection of online tools like CV screeners, chat-bot applications and gamified assessments, employers are able to cut up to 80% of their recruitment process so they can focus on hiring the best calibers. HireHunt offers paid solutions for Sourcing and Screening while providing a smart Applicant Tracking System and Employer Branding tools to use for free.

HireHunt can be used as a full recruitment solution or it can be integrated with any other ATS, job board or sourcing channels.


MyList is the first online gifting & rewards platform in the Middle East offering gift registry, gift cards, employee & customer rewards (over 300 partner stores across 9 countries in MENA with offices in Dubai, Egypt and KSA). MyList has launched in 2016 an innovative B2B department called MERITE INCENTIVES offering technology solutions for retailers (gift card software, loyalty…) and for companies (employee motivation & sales incentives platform via a cloud-based SaaS platform).


TalentGuard offers an award-winning career pathing and talent management solution. We help companies achieve more employee anniversaries by bridging the gap between career growth, certification compliance, and leader enablement.


Virtual College is a dynamic, collaborative, customer focused organisation with their headquarters in the UK. They have been designing and developing learning software and content for over 20 years.

They have developed a comprehensive product range, including over 300 ready-made online courses which can be accessed via their own Learning Management System (Enable).  In addition, they offer a bespoke content design and development service.

They have won an abundance of accolades over the years, including these current awards:

  • Best Training Partnership (with the Home Office)

  • Excellence in the design of learning content

  • Learning Technologies Company of the Year

Today they have over 3 million registered online learners, a figure which grows at a rate of over 1,500 learners a day. Their learners span across all markets including private, healthcare, education, housing and safeguarding sectors. 

All of their technical development and course content creation is undertaken in-house by their skilled and innovative teams.


Consultancy Options

Employer Branding

Employer branding is how intentionally organizations build a reputation as an employer of choice. This means becoming a magnet for talent and attracting employees who want to be associated with this brand. 

As companies focus on building this reputation in the markets they operate within, their true values become immediately apparent.

In parallel, employer branding is an effective tool for organizations to build their employee engagement. Employee engagement is the passion and excitement of being associated with a brand, and accordingly, an organization. Employee engagement drives passion for the job, commitment to the organization, and the desire to go the extra mile.

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Middle Management Program

Delivering work through others is the key to success in any organization, regardless of its size or complexity. The people who sit in the middle of an organization create the connection to the company's strategy, and have access to the people on the front line. We believe that focusing on the core principles of management help organizations evolve from one stage to the next.

The program is designed based on practical know-how and the characteristics exhibited in different sized organizations with a varied range of maturities. The program design considers the different management audiences in an organization with varied practical hands-on experience and groups the audience accordingly. From new in-career managers, to seasoned managers, and finally, managers who will be on track to become emerging leaders.

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Organizational Design

The process of adequately assessing the current state of the organization’s processes, its ways of working, cultural impact and aligning them with strategic objectives serve the end goal. 

We work with organizations to evaluate their current state, identify any gaps and build action-oriented plans with clear, measurable outcomes.

Culture Program

The RightFoot team has over 30 years of experience in refining company culture. We embed core attitudes of how to work, what you want to be known for, and forming a global strategy to attract the people you want your organisation to be associated with.

We focus on changing how people perceive their abilities and emphasize on attitudes conducive to being open to learn, grow, and welcoming to feedback. We believe in the philosophy of always trying to do things differently, as opposed to blindly following traditional models.


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Whether your business is in need of growth, stability, or quality employee attraction and retention, RightFoot has an innovative solution ready at hand.

We are a human resources solution company that offers innovative strategies to help your business thrive in today's technology-driven environment.

Our options cater to the needs of a variety of industries and businesses, regardless of size or need. Our products are uniquely positioned to help with productivity and scalability.

We're here to make sure you start off on the RightFoot.

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